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You just had a little life come into the world and that is super hard work. I know you want the best quality images for your family to remember for a lifetime so please head these tips and tricks before coming to your session. Preparation makes the process smooth and easier on everyone.  When you come into my studio for a newborn session it WILL be very hot, babies like things super warm and this mama is prepared to sweat for you!

Rule #1:

ALWAYS book your newborn sessions at or before 11am. This ensures the best possible window for your photographer to get shots without disrupting baby very much or your families life.

Rule #2:

Please make sure baby comes to the studio hungry, or at least wanting to eat upon arrival. When baby has a soothing car ride, then a bottle or mama, then they fall fast asleep into a relaxing pliable baby for your photographer to pose for you.

Rule #3:

Please bring a bottle with either ready made formula, or pumped breast milk for your photographer to feed to baby should a break be required during your session. This is a normal occurrence and doesn't require an apology in any manner. 

Rule #5:

When you hand baby over to the photographer please DO NOT hover, she knows her job and her way around babies and doesn't need you to assist her as much as you may want to this actually makes work harder, and more stress on baby, just sit back, relax, go for a coffee and come back, and let me take control of this wonderful and memorable process for you. 

Rule #4:

Should you require certain themes, costumes, attributes to be used in your session please discuss this with your photographer ahead of time. We do not mind pleasing you and using your own outfits or props but we do not like to be surprised on session day when your shots are already mapped out in our heads.

Please sign the document below to acknowledge you have read and understand the above rules 

Photography consent & release form

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